Monday, June 18, 2007

Roommate Ad Test Results

As I've been talking about, I’ve been searching for a roommate, and I’ve been rewording my craigslist ads to see what gets more responses. It’s amazing how one change, while not financially beneficial to the potential renter, has pulled immediate response.

I changed the ad from $525 all utilities included to $400 + ½ utilities. Holy cow, what a difference in response rate. If one does the math, one sees that the first option (utilities included) is the better deal for the renter, but people just see the smaller number and don’t work out the real cost. I have a potential candidate coming to see me Saturday - prayers/positive vibes all welcome!

It also occurs to me that if the roommate pays $400 + ½ utilities, and the utility number varies with the amount of usage, it will be easier to bring the person on board with my energy conservation scheme than if they can use all they want for a flat rate. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

So, it may work out better that way after all from a Compact and environmental standpoint.

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Sarah said...

as someone who has actually paid utilities for the last few years, I recognized a good deal when I found my new place which included all utilities (even basic cable, internet, heat, water/sewer and trash) except electricity. So, you just have to be an energy maven and use the AC as little as possible :)