Saturday, June 16, 2007

Floor Cloth

Have any of you ever made a floor cloth? The carpet in the room I've been redecorating is terribly stained with bleach, and I happen to have a large piece of canvas and a bunch of acrylic paints. Tea staining and other dying methods are also under consideration, once I come up with a design. The site linked to here has it being covered with Minwax polycrylic, but won't that make it hard? I think I'd like to be able to throw it in the wash every six months or so. Does it need to have some sort of backing to make it stay put, being placed on top of carpet?

I am enamoured by being able to redecorate for next to nothing using all these materials I'd been saving. Aside from the portable wardrobe I had to buy for my clothes, I haven't spent a penny so far and the room is transformed. I may need some reclaimed fabric for a couple of the last things, but that shouldn't cost more than a couple bucks.

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Fell in love with making floor clothes in the 90's and found that getting nice size remnants from the floor covering store, I could use the underside as the top for my floor clothes. I use an oil based primer because it seals any stains etc that my be in the vinyl floor covering. Then I apply two coats of primer and allow to dry. Then I do my own designs in pencil and then use vibrant acrylic paints to paint the floor clothes. Then I allow to dry and then apply 2-3 water based urethane sealer. As a safety precaution I also add non skid small pads on each corner. Its amazing how many years these floor clothes last. Have also use canvas remnants as well. ~Beth

Carin said...

You want a floor cloth to have some stiffness to it, or it will just rumple up under your feet as you walk over it. Something that stiff isn't going into the wash anyway. You'll want to seal the painted cloth with a urethane, to protect it somewhat from wear. Wet spills should be wiped up promptly, and an occasional sweeping should suffice otherwise. You may need to re-seal it occasionally, too, as the surface will eventually wear. Or, maybe, by the time it's getting worn, you'll feel like making a new one!